Rental of commercial lofts

RCA Building
1001, Lenoir street, A-202
Montreal, Quebec H4C 2Z6

Phone : (514) 933-2211
Fax: (514) 933-3163

Restaurant Café Zin-Zin
Suite E-202


In 2009, RCA Victor’s former factory, one of Montreal’s most fascinating industrial buildings, was bought by a new group of associates. This new group of owners, which already owns and manages an impressive realty portfolio, has a particular interest in heritage properties. In fact, Georges Coulombe, one of the owners, is widely known in Montreal for his redevelopment projects of historical buildings and has received several prestigious awards for these accomplishments. Mr. Coulombe and his associates have now joined forces for a new challenge: redeveloping the historically symbolic RCA Edifice.

After its completion in 1920, the Berliner factory, later to become RCA Victor, dominated the borough’s skyline with its avant-garde architecture and its innovative materials. The factory was actually one of Montreal’s first cement-structured buildings—a genuine revolution in construction at that time. Today, its continuing presence in the landscape not only pays tribute to the Berliner gramophone and the Victor Talking Machine, but also serves as a reminder of RCA Victor’s vast contributions to the world of music throughout the decades.

Apart from its historical significance, the RCA Edifice has an ideal location in Montreal. It is near the business district, the public transit and the Atwater exit of highway 720, near the junction with highway 15. Furthermore, its close proximity to the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Glen site, makes it a strategic location for the establishment of various companies.

The building’s distinctive U-shaped architecture provides a large array of commercial lofts of various sizes, each featuring large windows and lots of natural lighting. High ceilings, cement floors with columns, and numerous broad windows make for stimulating and creative environments. This building’s history, architecture and convenient location make the RCA Edifice a unique business location in Montreal.