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RCA Building
1001, Lenoir street, A-202
Montreal, Quebec H4C 2Z6

Phone : (514) 933-2211
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Restaurant Café Zin-Zin
Suite E-202

Some History

1899 - Émile Berliner, inventor of the gramophone, also called the phonograph, of the sound disk, known as the record, and of the record matrix, comes to Montreal to open the Berliner Gramophone Company.

1908 - Construction begins on Lenoir street’s first cement building. Some time between 1908 and 1912, the southern portion of the building is added on. At the time, the four-storey high, reinforced concrete building with wide openings for the windows was a revolutionary concept in construction. A billboard showing Nipper, the Berliner logo, followed by The Home of the Victrola was placed on the building’s roof for all to see.

1918 - Following World War I, the company goes forth with a major expansion. An extension to the building on Saint-Antoine street is completed in 1921. With its 50,000 square feet surface, it became one of the city’s most modern buildings.

1924 - The Victor Talking Machine takes over the Berliner Gramophone Company and ends up merging with RCA in 1929 to become RCA Victor. Emile Berliner dies of a heart attack on August 3rd, 1929.

1940 - The factory is now 300,000 square feet and employs over 150 people. RCA Victor is the biggest record maker in Canada. The RCA recording studio opens its doors and, to this day, still receives illustrious artists to record their albums.

1958-1962 - Space materials are produced at the RCA Victor factory during the construction of Alouette I, Canada’s first satellite, which was launched in California in September of 62.

Around 1970 - RCA Victor’s production is transferred to the United States and Japan. Several commercial spaces are rented out to different companies. Today, the building has a total of 240 spaces.

1996 - Opening of the Emile Berliner Museum. It is one of the rare museums in Quebec that exhibits the history of technological and industrial development. Housed in the old RCA Victor factory in the Saint-Henri district in Montreal, the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner seeks to honour the man who played a major part in the development of the recording industry.

2009 - The RCA Victor building was bought by a new group of owners/managers who are currently working towards redeveloping it.